Jun 30, 2009

See My Beautiful Brown Eyes

I had my surgery to fix my "cherry eyes" and I feel so much better.
I look so much better and no more pain.
Relaxing after a long long day.

Jun 24, 2009

I Have Cherry Eyes, But Not For Long

As gross as it is to look at, cherry eye (click on this to learn more about it) is fixable and is not stopping me from playing and being just like any other dog. I will be going in this tomorrow, Thursday to have them fixed. So make sure you come back to see my pretty brown eyes.In the meantime, I play and enjoy the same things as any one else.

Her foster mom had this to say after only 2 short days with her. "Hillary is shy, probably because of her Cherry eyes. Her eyes were so red and inflamed when we picked her up from the transport. She was at the very back of the cage and her transporter was very concerned about her. I hope he reads her blog so he can see her as she comes out of her shell. In just a couple days, she is running around like a puppy. Today she ate two full meals and she is playing with toys. She loves being outside. Thursday she will have her cherry eye surgery and I hope that getting rid of the pain/discomfort and not being able to see clearly, will help her to feel safe. She has some aggression to other dogs and I believe it is due to fear from not being able to see clearly. We have been using some medicine and it is helping temporarily. This little girl is going to make someone very happy. She if full of love to give and once her sight is fixed she will be able to play and love like a normal puppy."

Jun 22, 2009

Just In. Cute Puppy Needing Love